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How To Clear A Glass Pipe: The Final Toker’s Information

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The glass pipe is an easy and economical different to the more-complicated bong, bubbler, and hookah. In lots of circumstances, the glass pipe even rivals rolling your personal joint.

However that every one of that masks an necessary variable to contemplate: learn how to clear a glass pipe.

On this article, the specialists at Trustworthy Marijuana let you know every part you’ll want to know concerning the how, what, why, and the place of retaining your glass pipe crystal clear.

How To Clear A Glass Pipe

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Right here’s what you’ll want to give your glass pipe a radical and vigorous cleansing:

  • Sizzling water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Salt
  • Hand towels
  • Small Ziploc bag or tupperware container with lid
  • Bottlebrush or pipe cleaners (optionally available)


1) Disassemble Your Glass Pipe

Most glass pipes are easy, one-piece offers. Others are sophisticated conglomerations of glass bits.

In case your glass pipe falls into the previous class, don’t attempt to disassemble it — you’ll possible break the pipe and reduce your self within the course of. We offer you permission to maneuver on to step two.

But when your glass pipe falls within the latter class, dismantle that sucker in preparation for the following step.

2) Rinse In Sizzling Water

man showing a woman how to clean a glass pipe

Sizzling operating water is among the finest methods to jump-start the cleansing course of.

The strain of the operating water dislodges a few of the floor resin that builds up with repeated use, and the warmth of the water begins to dissolve the bonds that bind the gunk in place.

Get the water as sizzling as you may tolerate, and contemplate carrying dish-washing gloves (these ugly yellow issues). The gloves will let you make the water hotter, which turbo-charges the method.

We as soon as tried 18” cowhide welding gloves so we might get the water boiling-lava sizzling, however that didn’t work so nicely. Dish-washing gloves are finest.

three) Place Your Glass Pipe In A Plastic Container

After you’ve rinsed your glass pipe in sizzling operating water, place it in a small Ziploc bag or Tupperware container with a lid.

We use the phrase “Tupperware” right here to seek advice from any kind of small, sealable storage container. It doesn’t should be brand-name stuff — but it surely needs to be gentle plastic.

The following step includes vigorous movement (yeah, child!), and glass-on-glass motion — or metal-on-glass — can crack, chip, and even shatter your pipe.

Don’t have any plastic storage containers? Don’t fret. Get inventive as a substitute. We as soon as used an affordable plastic cold-meat container we discovered hiding at the back of our fridge (after we cleaned it, after all) after we didn’t have the common stuff.

Outdated peanut butter jar? Yep. Gatorade bottle? Certain, if the pipe suits by way of the mouth. Steel journey mug? No. You get the concept.

four) Submerge Your Glass Pipe

broken glass from a pipe

Subsequent, pour in a minimum of ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol together with a minimum of one tablespoon of salt. (For bigger glass pipes, we suggest ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and two tablespoons of salt.)

The proportions aren’t important, simply in order that each elements are there and there’s loads of alcohol and salt in relation to the dimensions of your glass pipe.

Rubbing alcohol is mildly acidic, which helps to breakdown the sticky resin that builds up contained in the bong. And salt is an abrasive that works in live performance with the acid so as to add scrubbing energy to the answer.

Equal alternate options:

  • Vinegar (which can be a gentle acid)
  • Rice

For those who select to make use of rice, don’t let it sit too lengthy within the alcohol (or vinegar) as a result of it should begin to take up the liquid and soften. It will lower its abrasive energy.

And if you happen to resolve to make use of rice, don’t eat it regardless of how hungry you get. These pesky (or superior) munchies could make you eat some actually bizarre stuff.

Resist the urge to make stir-fry with the rice you utilize to wash your bong…regardless of how scrumptious it appears to be like.

5) Shake It Up, Child

After you seal the baggie or plastic container, shake it vigorously. This strikes the alcohol and the salt by way of all of the tiny curves and crevices and breaks up the marijuana resin that has gathered there.

Once you suppose you’ve shaken sufficient, shake extra. You’ll have to do that for a minimum of 5 minutes to essentially dislodge the sticky mess.

For those who’ve added sufficient alcohol to fully cowl each bit, you may allow them to soak for 10 to 15 minutes, after which come again and shake some extra.

That is particularly helpful if you happen to’ve constructed up layer upon layer of resin from extended use.

6) Extra Sizzling Water

Take away the glass pipe from the baggie or container, discard the soiled alcohol, and rinse every part in sizzling water. Rinsing helps to take away the residual resin, the salt, and the alcohol.

If some cussed items stay (significantly within the slender stem), use a pipe cleaner or a bottlebrush to select away on the mass.

After you take away that final little piece, rinse once more with sizzling water and let every part air dry earlier than utilizing it once more.

7) Repeat (Elective)

If it’s been weeks, and even months, because you final cleaned your glass pipe (first, ewww!), you’ll have to repeat your complete course of once more (or a number of instances).

Finally, the alcohol, salt, and repeated agitation will peel away the layers of goo to disclose the glowing glass beneath.

Why You Ought to Clear Your Glass Pipe Repeatedly

Woman smoking weed after learning how to clean a glass pipe

Micro organism

Micro organism is the massive offender in terms of the reason why you need to clear your glass pipe extra typically.

After solely 22 hours, micro organism of all kinds start rising inside a grimy pipe. And it solely will get worse over time.

For those who don’t suppose that sounds so dangerous, contemplate this: in excessive conditions — we’re speaking severely soiled pipes — necrotizing pneumonia is a really actual chance. Discover the phrase “necrotizing”? Meaning a few of your lung tissue dies. Ouch!

Don’t danger extreme medical issues. Comply with this information for learn how to clear a glass pipe and also you’ll be wonderful.


Odor is among the first indicators that it’s time to wash your pipe. That micro organism we talked about above? Along with being dangerous on your well being, it additionally begins to stink after some time.

It’s the identical science behind physique order: micro organism breaks down your sweat, abandoning an disagreeable odor.

Granted, your glass pipe doesn’t comprise sweat (if it does, you’re doing one thing incorrect), however micro organism can survive and thrive on a wide range of substances — together with marijuana ash and resin.

Keep away from the foul stench by cleansing your glass pipe frequently.


A giant a part of the marijuana expertise is the style of your favourite ganja happening.

You won’t suppose smoke has a style, but it surely does. Similar to every part else you place in your mouth, molecules from decarboxylated weed work together with the style buds in your tongue to provide all totally different sorts of flavors.

Perhaps you gained’t expertise a rush of style such as you do while you pop a Jolly Rancher in your mouth, however the taste is there nonetheless.

Factor is, while you don’t clear your glass pipe, the resin, slime, and each different supply of uncleanness begin to give off a taste of their very own. And that taste is not good.

For those who’ve ever by chance eaten a foul tomato, that’s the style you may count on to expertise if you happen to don’t clear your glass pipe. It’ll make you wish to wash your mouth out with cleaning soap.

The longer you keep away from cleansing your pipe the more severe it will get.


One other good purpose to wash your pipe ceaselessly is that it turns into tougher over time to eliminate all of the grime. The longer you wait the more durable you’re going to have to wash.

For those who’ve ever needed to escape the metal wool to get your dinner dishes clear, that’s what you’ll should face while you delay cleansing your pipe for too lengthy.

The factor about washing a glass pipe is you may’t get your hand down in there to essentially scrub. Not solely will you have got baked-on resin to cope with, however you additionally gained’t be capable of attain it with typical instruments.

That’s a recipe for cleansing catastrophe (and plenty of colourful swear phrases).

However if you happen to clear your ganja gear regularly, it will likely be infinitely simpler to take away the resin, grime, and filth that builds in your pipe with each use.

Which might you quite do: spend a number of hours making an attempt to wash your pipe with harsh chemical substances or rinse it with sizzling water for a number of seconds?

We’ll take the latter choice each time.

How To Clear A Glass Pipe: Key Takeaway

glass pipe for smoking marijuana

Cleansing your glass pipe doesn’t should be a serious endeavor, and also you don’t have to make use of caustic cleaners with all types of poisonous chemical substances.

Only a fast rinse with a couple of pure elements after each use (or each different use) may have your glass pipe as glowing and crystal clear because the day you acquire it.

For extra info on all issues hashish and to take a look at our 100-percent all-natural marijuana merchandise, go to at this time.

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