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Although Howard Stern claims to not smoke pot and use different unlawful medicine, they’ve at all times been a favourite topic of his. In 1993, he devoted radio airtime to such pothead friends as David Lee Roth, Richard Belzer, Chip Z’Nuff of Enuff Z’Nuff and Phil Rind of Sacred Reich. Marijuana minstrel David Peel and Mickey “The Pope of Dope” Cezar have been longtime Stern regulars. Non-public Elements, the shock-jock’s bestselling biography, was written with the assistance of former Excessive Occasions editor-in-chief Larry “Ratso” Sloman. For the April, 1994 version of Excessive Occasions, Steve Bloom compiled a collection of blurbs that illustrate Howard Stern’s progressive stance on medicine. In honor of Stern’s birthday January 12, we’re republishing them beneath.

On The Radio

November 29, 1990
Visitors: Mickey “The Pope of Dope” Cezar and David Peel

Cezar: There are individuals on the market struggling, people who find themselves dying who want grass. The federal government says no. What sort of authorities is that this who doesn’t give an excellent goddamn what occurs to its residents? To help some legal guidelines that to me are unconstitutional, inhuman and unjust…
Stern: So that you really distribute the pot to them free?
Cezar: A few of them, sure. If they will afford, they will pay. If you happen to can’t, properly…
Stern: Wow. You actually are the Pope. Rapidly, I’ll say whats up to David Peel. Do you promote marijuana just like the Pope?
Peel: I don’t promote it, I sing it.
Stern: Do you wanna sing a tune?
Peel [sings]: Free the Pope, free the Pope/ The Pope smokes dope/ God gave him the grass/ The Pope smokes dope…
Stern: I gotta get outta right here….

After Cezar and Peel depart and a business break.

Stern: Keep in mind that tune? Mari-marijuana, mari-marijuana/ We like marijuana, you want marijuana, everybody likes marijuana too/ Up towards the wall, motherf-er…. Keep in mind that one?
Jackie Martling: That was the massive hit!
Stern: David Peel wrote that, proper?
Martling: I do know he sang it for years and years on the identical avenue nook.

April 19, 1993
Visitor: David Lee Roth

Stern: I do know that good pot is 4 hundred an oz.. So for ten you in all probability simply received a joint!
Roth: It’s probably the most inventive ten I ever spent!
Stern: Hey, usually if you purchase ten ’ price of pot you don’t must do something, however now swiftly that it’s David Lee Roth they might make a complete large deal out of it and actually bust his balls for a few years.
Roth: Guys, I’m outta right here. Have a very good day.
Stern: Didn’t it sound like he was rolling a joint whereas we have been speaking? I used to be virtually up earlier than a grand jury one time. I began making some jokes about coke. We don’t even do any medicine. We don’t even go to Washington Sq. Park and purchase pot. I gave all that up like 100 years in the past. So we have been speaking about it and this DEA man hears it and goes: OK, let’s get him up earlier than the grand jury, joking is an offense! Jackie, would you ever purchase pot in Washington Sq. Park?
Jackie Martling: You need to be loopy. In fact, he’s in all probability an previous hippie who thinks it’s not a criminal offense.
Stern: Everybody to Jackie who smokes pot is an previous hippie.

October 23, 1993
Visitor: Phil Rind

Rind: There are a variety of makes use of for hemp that folks aren’t conscious of.
Stern: You possibly can put it in a bong. You possibly can put it in brownies. Put it in a hash pipe.
Fred Norris: You possibly can substitute fossil fuels.
Stern: You possibly can remedy most cancers.
Norris: You possibly can construct a home with it.
Martling: Smoke your home.
Stern: And you may feed Somalia with it.
Norris: You possibly can take the leaves and fold it like origami.
Martling: What about breast implants?
Stern: Yeah, hemp breast implants. My mom has ’em.
Norris: You can also make pot meatloaf.
Rind: Let’s develop hemp and cease chopping down the rainforest for paper. The unique Structure was written on hemp paper.
Stern: That’s convincing Sen. Jesse Helms.
Martling: They’ve garments made out of hemp.
Stern: Pot garments. You possibly can smoke your jacket.
Rind: The primary American flag was made out of hemp fiber. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson each grew hemp.
Stern: Du-ude—I wipe with pot. Speak about a stereotype. Not an actual good spokesperson. You will get higher individuals. It’s cool if I got here out to legalize pot as a result of I don’t even smoke pot. You take heed to the man and go, “Effectively, he has egocentric motivations.”

October 29, 1993
Visitor: Richard Belzer

Belzer: I would like your recommendation, Howard— I’ve by no means smoked marijuana…
Stern: Please! Belzer’s like a marijuana addict. He shoots it! Belzer likes to smoke pot.
Belzer: Say it once more, Howard.
Stern: Belzer like to smoke pot. I assume he smokes pot as a result of all he does is discuss 9 hours a day about pot. So, Belzer says to me: Do you suppose I ought to go choose the Hashish Contest in Canada?
Belzer: No, in Amsterdam, the place it’s authorized! Ought to I do it, Howard?
Stern: Do they pay you?
Belzer: They’re flying me and my spouse there, 5 star lodge. See, I’ve by no means tried it so I figured I’d strive it in a rustic the place it’s authorized. What do you suppose?
Stern: Yeah, strive it.
Belzer: OK, thanks.
Stern: So that you dudes are gonna go over and smoke a bunch of hashish for 3 days and attempt to determine what’s the greatest?
Belzer: What if I cowl the occasion for you?
Stern: Positive, give a name—undoubtedly.
Belzer: We’ll name you from Amsterdam.
Stern: Name in excessive, after you’ve sampled every part.

December 6, 1993
Visitor: Chip Z’Nuff

Stern: Excessive Occasions journal despatched Chip out to cowl the Hashish Cup. He was a choose. You’re keen on weed, proper?
Z’Nuff: It’s enjoyable to partake. If you consider it, Howard, there’s like thirty thousand makes use of for grass.
Stern: I’m for legalizing marijuana. Why decide on these medicine? Valium is authorized. You simply go to a physician and get it and overdose on it—what’s the distinction? Prozac, all that stuff, so why not marijuana? Who cares? It’s one thing that grows out of the bottom—why not? Go smoke a head of cabbage. I don’t care what you smoke. I don’t actually care. I’m not a smoker anymore, however I don’t care. I say something that calms individuals down I’m all for, as a result of persons are all overvalued. However each time you communicate to those guys who dedicate their lives to legalizing marijuana, they go, “Hey dude, you can also make rope out of marijuana.” I am going, “Dude, don’t we’ve got sufficient rope on this nation?” So anyway, it’s completely authorized over there [Holland]?
Z’Nuff: The grass out there’s a lot totally different than right here. Every thing’s hydroponic.
Stern: You didn’t know Chip is a chemist. Every thing is hydroponic, man! At any time when I learn all of the pot magazines hydroponics is, like, a giant factor….

Between The Strains

Howard On Howard: “I might smoke dope and cigarettes up in my bed room, blowing smoke out the window, whereas my mother and father have been downstairs considering I used to be doing homework…. I really like my in-laws. They even smoked pot as soon as with Alison [his first wife] as a result of they wished to expertise what their kids have been going via…. When Paul McCartney received busted in Japan and imprisoned for grass, I referred to as Tokyo to protest.” —from Non-public Elements

Jackie “The Joint Man” Martling on Howard: “Howard did every part—pot, LSD, no matter. He stopped slowly. Now he’s all the way down to mineral water and jerking off.”

Excessive Occasions on Howard: “Again within the early Eighties, Howard was probably the most irreverent individual within the media. Nearly nobody would discuss to him. He was scum. I might relate to him. Now he’s a giant deal. He rides round in a limo. Now I can’t relate to him.” —John Holmstrom, Oct. ’90

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