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Take the Finest Journey of Your Life with the “Psilocybin Mushroom Companion”

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Mushroom curious? 

Similar. Fortunately, there’s a brand new shroom handbook available on the market written by MERRY JANE contributor and creator Michelle Janikian known as Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion. It lays out the deets on find out how to have the most secure and least hectic journey attainable. Janikian solutions an array of questions, starting from how a lot to eat, to why set and setting issues. It’s a deep dive into psilocybin science, whereas offering historical past on the rituals practiced by historic and trendy indigenious tribes, the Western psychedelic motion, correct integration, and a lot extra.

“[Mushrooms] might be terrifying, they usually will also be blissful; they might help you see issues that the ego prevents you from realizing in on a regular basis life,” Janikian mentioned in an interview with MERRY JANE. “However they will also be harmful should you don’t pay correct consideration to sure issues, like thorough preparation and integration.”

The mushroom motion mirrors the hashish campaign in some ways. Actually, it is estimated that psilocybin is a few decade behind marijuana when it comes to entry and legality. That’s why the information Janikian imparts in her new guide is important: As a result of being correctly knowledgeable is the simplest weapon in our psychological toolkit, significantly with regards to pushing drug reform. 

Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion taught me that shrooms usually are not addictive, and there have not been any recognized deaths from overdoses. The World Well being Group even gave psilocybin a stamp of approval by calling it “the most secure drug” — even safer than hashish — the final three years in a row.

I additionally realized there are 180 species of mushrooms that span the globe, all of which maintain a special energy or impact relying on it is genetic make-up. And do you know folks have been utilizing shrooms within the Sahara desert since 6000 BCE?  The Mayans have been additionally utilizing mushrooms in 3000 BCE. Wild, proper?

Given how disconnected our present society is, we might actually be taught a factor or two from our ancestors who used these sacred entheogens for therapeutic, self-discovery, and enhancing neighborhood. Maybe the California Decriminalization of Psilocybin initiative is an indication that our society is lastly able to embrace these historic instruments to be able to higher ourselves. Maybe this is the reason Denver decriminalized mushrooms in 2019, and why Oakland made fungi and plant drugs the lowest precedence on cops’ radar: Folks want various choices for therapeutic and connecting, and mushrooms can facilitate that. 

MERRY JANE caught up with Janikian about her journey investigating the therapeutic properties of mushrooms, outdated and new cultural misunderstandings, curating your set and setting, and the way individuals are utilizing mushrooms for private progress.

*This interview has been edited for size and readability


Michelle Janikian together with her new guide ‘Your Psilocybin Companion’ (Picture by Martin Clarke/MERRY JANE)

MERRY JANE: How did you first uncover the true therapeutic potential of psilocybin mushrooms? What was the spark of your journey that made you wish to write about it for the collective? 

Michelle Janikian: I haven’t got one transformative mushrooms story. All my issues weren’t healed from mushrooms. You hear a few of these tales, like, “Oh, my OCD was gone.” It isn’t a cure-all like that. I nonetheless have nervousness, despair, and all of these issues. What makes mushrooms essential, for me, is it offers me a brand new perspective on issues — perception. It’s extra concerning the mind-expansion qualities, which might be actually therapeutic to some folks. The enjoyable that they will make you’ve gotten can also be extremely therapeutic. 

However my first mushroom journey, which was 10 to 12 years in the past now, woke up me to their energy. I wrote about it a bit of bit in my guide. Whereas that journey wasn’t my most secure or most insightful, I did come to a variety of realizations. That journey finally impressed me to write down the guide as a result of I wish to assist others use mushrooms in safer methods and entry better perception — whether or not to heal or expertise realizations. The extra you put together and create a protected atmosphere, the extra these issues can come to you. My first mushroom journey was the spark for this entire course of.


What do you assume is the most typical cultural misunderstanding with regards to psilocybin use? 

I believe the basic misunderstandings are that: Tripping is an excellent scary and intense expertise which may make you go loopy; or that you simply’re by no means going to come back again; or that it’s an inherently unhealthy factor; or that solely super-hippie-druggie folks use them. These are such outdated stigmas and stereotypes!

I believe we’re within the technique of shifting these views, however I nonetheless come throughout them on a regular basis. After I inform folks what my guide is about or when speaking to household about it — that’s once I get confronted with this outdated stigma. And it’s all the time the identical:  “You’re speaking about tripping on medicine? That’s loopy!” 

I went on a mushroom retreat final winter with 20 different folks. I realized that numerous totally different folks take mushrooms. It’s not a druggie factor. It’s truly a really religious, private progress factor that individuals do very hardly ever. They’re doing it in these doses at possibly two, three, possibly 4 instances a yr to get in contact with themselves. 

Proper now, there are all of those new cultural misunderstandings about mushrooms which have come up. Like, the thought that you would be able to take mushrooms one time, and it’ll treatment you of all of your issues. That’s additionally not true in any respect. The thought of, “All I must do is take eight grams of mushrooms, and my PTSD or consuming dysfunction can be over,” is a false impression. It’s a bit of harder than that. 

Sure, mushrooms can actually make it easier to. They might help you with psychological well being, however it should take a variety of work, a variety of integration, and self-reflection within the weeks and months earlier than and after your journey. There are a variety of cultural misunderstandings, and I hope this guide might help clear them up as an alternative of making new ones. 


What concerning the ego’s attachment to outdated patterns or outdated psychological conditioning? What do you consider “ego loss of life” because it pertains to psilocybin use?

That’s an enormous query. There are some remedy modalities folks use to arrange for his or her psychedelic expertise. You basically speak to your ego and the totally different components of your self, and ask what’s giving them concern.

One factor that larger doses of psychedelics does is reduce the ego. You’ll be able to consider your ego as the inner story you inform your self, who you might be, your motives, and why you do issues. We will get actually deeply ingrained in that. Psychedelics flip the amount down a bit of, which might be earth-shattering and life-changing for folks. 

However attending to know who we’re beneath the masks is important for therapeutic. Psychedelics assist folks sort of step outdoors the story and see that possibly it’s all bullshit, or that you simply don’t must be or react a sure approach. 

Larger doses provide you with this shift in perspective. They flip down the amount on this ego-driven story you inform your self. That is when folks come to realizations about themselves and why they wish to change issues. 

In psychedelic-assisted remedy periods in america, sufferers are inspired to shut their eyes and “go inward.” However in your guide, you write about how the Mazatec indigenous healers say closing your eyes is “falling out,” and due to this fact lowering presence. In your expertise, is closing your eyes falling out, or how do you are feeling concerning the two other ways to journey? 

There’s such an enormous distinction for me between the normal Mazatec ceremonial-use and the brand new Western therapy-use. I included each as a result of I would like folks to know there are other ways to do remedy periods. I really feel we are able to get caught on the therapeutic method because the “solely approach,” which isn’t true. It’s only one solution to do it, however there are a number of methods — none of that are proper or improper. What’s improper is saying that there’s solely one approach that works. 

The guide is designed to present folks as a lot company as attainable. Simply since you aren’t doing it precisely like they do it in a therapeutic setting, or in ceremonial settings, doesn’t make the expertise much less legitimate. 

I personally love to do each. Conserving your eyes open is nice, particularly should you’re out in nature. If in case you have a accomplice or a number of companions with you, you possibly can all actually join on a deep degree and see one another. Even trying within the mirror you possibly can see your self from a brand new perspective. There are all these other ways to expertise the therapeutic advantages of mushrooms. There isn’t a proper or improper approach. Do what feels proper within the second. 


Inform me extra about “set and setting,” you clarify them as being important. Not gifting away that entire chapter, however why does the setting affect the journey so intensely? 

Set and setting is a fairly outdated idea. Timothy Leary coined the time period again within the ‘60s. It’s most likely my longest chapter as a result of it’s so essential.

Set is your mindset, however it’s greater than your temper going into the journey: It’s your entire deal as an individual — your beliefs, motives, all the great and unhealthy about you. That’s your set.

After which your setting is your atmosphere. It’s your bodily location. It’s additionally your social atmosphere. It’s how you are feeling within the house that you simply’re tripping in. Each of this stuff are going to essentially affect what sort of journey you’ll have since you’re so delicate beneath the affect of mushrooms.

Your set is absolutely going to find out what sort of journey you’ve gotten: Unhealthy or good or insightful or hectic. And, the primary factor that influences your set is your setting. They’re very intertwined. For instance, should you’re in a really chaotic, hectic atmosphere, that’s going to affect your temper. Your entire journey can be extra paranoid and extra chaotic and hectic.


What’s “integration” and why is it so essential post-trip?

The idea round integration relies on the thought that you would be able to have a extremely trippy expertise and disrespect it. Folks typically pack their psychedelic experiences away in a field, and by no means go to it once more. However, you don’t must disregard the insights you skilled whereas tripping — you possibly can combine them into your life. There’s a profit in exploring what you felt was difficult. Giving these moments a variety of thought within the days, weeks, and months post-trip can imply every thing. 

I’ve a complete chapter on totally different methods, the large one is journaling. You uncover how you are feeling if you write. Notably if you wish to use mushrooms for private progress, drawback fixing, or any psychological well being cause, integration is essential in using your expertise for change. If in case you have a loopy journey, it gained’t change your life by itself. However should you can take these classes again into your life and apply them, it may affect main change.


What recommendation do you’ve gotten for many who have had a “unhealthy journey” prior to now and are tentative to attempt psychedelics once more? Is there such a factor as a “unhealthy journey”?

The neighborhood likes to say “there isn’t any such factor as a nasty journey — solely difficult experiences.” However I believe unhealthy journeys completely exist. It’s a visit that you simply’re not ready for. 

Say you’re taking mushrooms spontaneously at a celebration, and also you’re not ready. You can be completely overwhelmed by the expertise, wishing it was over the entire time as quickly because it begins kicking in. You may get caught in these destructive thought-loops. 

Simply concentrate on respiratory by way of it, and attempt to let go. Placing your ft on the bottom additionally helps. There are all this stuff you are able to do to assist your self by way of it. Journeys can get arduous. However should you’re ready, it should probably be worthwhile. 


How do you are feeling about microdosing versus macrodosing?

I like each for various causes. I like a microdose for social conditions, however I might not macrodose in social conditions. And by microdose, I imply lower than zero.5 grams — possibly zero.2 or zero.three grams. It may be a enjoyable alcohol alternative or celebration alternative, for me personally. 

Lots of people discover microdose helps them with totally different points from despair to nervousness as a result of it distills a few of the qualities a macrodose offers folks. I am going into bit within the guide. 

All of it depends upon the individual, although. It depends upon the set and setting and a variety of various things. Microdosing helps lots of people, however it doesn’t assist everybody. Hashish might be actually nice for nervousness for some folks, however it causes nervousness for others. It’s important to be aware and conscious, and journal by way of your microdose expertise. Take it gradual and actually try to expertise how issues really feel for you. 


Who’re mushrooms for? And who’re they not for? 

Mushrooms are for everybody. Whoever desires to attempt them. Do not power your self to take mushrooms. When you’re , in a protected setting, and ready, then they’re for most individuals. 

I do have a complete chapter in my guide on sure individuals who must take further particular precautions — it is the contraindications of mushroom-use for medical trials. After I interviewed medical doctors, they suggested that individuals with schizophrenia shouldn’t take mushrooms. They have been like, “Effectively, they really want to take further precautions. A visit sitter, information, therapist.”

My entire factor is to present folks company to do what is correct for them and be as protected as they will. The harm-reduction method is one of the simplest ways. When you’re nervous about taking mushrooms since you’re not in the very best psychological house — belief your self. A part of being protected is taking an extended have a look at how you are feeling and what you’re anticipating. Take further precautions if it’s good to. Enlist a information, even. 

You want to resolve what’s finest for you. 

You should buy “Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion” by Michelle Janikian on Amazon, Powell’s Books, Barnes and Noble, and at native bookstore by way of Indiebound.

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