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Weedscraft – Tips on how to Make a Sigil Joint Spell

Weedscraft – Tips on how to Make a Sigil Joint Spell

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A number of years again I came upon the thought of “Chaos Magick”. At first, I believed, “Magic? What a daft thought!” Nonetheless, as I discovered extra about promoting and advertising and marketing, subliminal communications and so forth – it dawned on me that “Magick could be actual!”


Immediately I’m not right here to attempt to persuade you that magick is actual, slightly, we’re going to be speaking a couple of particular “path of magic” referred to as “weedscraft” (Weed + Witchcraft). I first came upon this subject once I particularly did a seek for “Weed + Magick” as a result of I do know that Magickians make the most of psychedelic substances to change their states of consciousness so as to carry out spells and enchantments.


Nonetheless, what I discovered was an article referred to as Weed Witchcraft by Luna Luna Magizine. This text is sort of good by way of explaining the essential ritual of spell casting, nevertheless it fails to clarify precisely why magick works. I’ll do a quick introduction about it earlier than we get into the spell.


My purpose on this article is to include some Chaos Magick with the Weedscraft to create a “Sigil Joint of Pure Energy!”


However first…why does Magick Work?


At First I used to be Skeptic….however then…


Magick to not be confused with Magic is all about intention. It’s a manner of wanting on the world and using all instruments at your disposal to maximise the enjoyment and success of life. By “Instruments”, we consult with each bodily and metaphysical issues.


To place issues in perspective, right here’s a small snippet from Peter J. Carrol’s ebook “Psybermagick” (which is a complete mindfuck in its personal ceremony) explaining a bit extra about Magick;


“Our language construction impose “causality” as a mode of notion. Causality doesn’t rule this universe. People label occasions which they affiliate collectively continuously as “casually related”, and occasions which they affiliate collectively solely often as “coincidence”.


Personally, we desire to contemplate science because the examine and engineering of extremely most likely coincidences, such because the tendency of apples to fall downwards when dropped from timber. We desire to contemplate ‘magick’ because the examine of engineering of much less possible coincidences, such because the tendency of timber to drop apples after we ask them to.


Every thing works by magick; science represents a small area of magick the place coincidences have a comparatively excessive chance of incidence.


Half of the ability in magick consists of figuring out chances value enhancing.”


From Peter J. Carrol’s PsyberMagick: Commentary four


That is however a small snippet of what Magick really is. The truth is, there are scores of books on the subject material and I dropped a hyperlink to the writer of that little nug of fact above.


If you wish to discover the idea of Chaos Magick additional, I extremely advocate that you just do…or don’t, it’s actually about your individual pursuits!


However how have you learnt that it really works?


Magick works 100% of the time as a result of magick is about “a manner of perceiving the world”. It’s using your individual intention and influencing outcomes primarily based by yourself conduct and vitality indicators.


Nonetheless, in case you don’t consider in any of the “woo woo” issues, there’s additionally a psychological rationalization. Magick, in essence, is using “perception” as a way to hack your thoughts obtain sure issues. For those who do a spell as an illustration, you’re basically making a psychological anchor to an “intention or want” you want to obtain. On a unconscious aircraft, this anchor helps modify your conduct, which in flip modifies end result.


Within the subsequent part, I’m going to show you how you can make one among these “Spells” and also you’ll see precisely the way it pertains to your unconscious.


Let’s make a Sigil!


Earlier than we will get into the Joint Spell Ritual, you first must discover ways to make a spell. On this case, we’re going to be doing the dependable and highly effective Sigil Magick to do our enchantments and incantations.


For an intensive overview on Sigil Magick, take a look at the Rune Soup weblog submit on the topic. I’m going to provide the ‘very fast breakdown’ of the strategy.


What’s a Sigil?


A sigil is a logo you create primarily based on a phrase, which represents one thing you want, or your intention.


How do you make a sigil?


So as to make a sigil, all you want is a pen and paper. Write down one thing you want to obtain. Let’s say you need extra money in your life. As a substitute of asking for cash, you’ll use your intention to search out “Profitable Alternatives” or one thing alongside these traces. You goal the “method to make cash” and never the cash itself.


Now that you’ve your phrase or phrase – you’ll want to cut back the letters. You do that by:


  1. Eradicating all of the vowels
  2. Eradicating all repeating consonants

If we take “Profitable Alternatives” and cut back it, it will appear to be this “LCVNS”


Now, take these letters and mesh them collectively into a logo that appears interesting to you. Attempt to make it look aesthetically pleasing and “magickey”. The extra you like the best way it seems, the higher. You are able to do varied completely different mixes of letters to see which one jumps at you.


When you’re 100% glad with the ultimate product. Your Sigil is able to be charged and we’re nearly able to do the ultimate ritual.


Prepping the ritual


Now that we’ve the image prepared, it’s time to organize the ritual. Now, we’ll be persevering with with the Luna Luna Magazine smoke ritual.


Right here’s what you’ll want;


  1. Weed
  2. Grinder
  3. Rolling Paper
  4. Candles
  5. Bowl of Salt
  6. Bowl of Water
  7. Sigil


Step 1: Draw your Sigil on the within of the joint with a pen or pencil. Make sure that it seems “Magickal!”


Step 2: Cost the Sigil by inserting it in entrance of you and easily watching it. At this level, you’ll need to be “sending your intentions” to the sigil. In different phrases, you’re concentrating on what it means, the way it will manifest, and so forth. You need to think about sending vitality to it. The second you see the picture begin “shifting” – nearly as if electrical energy goes by it (will probably be an optical phantasm), you’ll comprehend it’s “charged”.


Step three: Make a Circle. Take a look at Luna Luna’s web site for extra.


Step four: Grind your weed and bless the weed. On Luna Luna’s web site they’ve just a little incantation you’ll be able to utter. Throughout this course of you’ll even be meditating on the intention of your sigil.


Step 5: Mild the joint from the proper coloured candle. Whereas candles and the kinds are extra theatrical for chaos magickians, they do put it to use for enhancing their perceived expertise, which helps promote it on a psychological aircraft.  Luna Luna’s weblog has extra on the candles as properly.


Step 6: Smoke the shit out of that joint whereas meditating and reflecting that you’re not solely sending this intention out to the universe, you’re actually respiratory it in and making it aside of you. Really feel how the smoke goes by your physique. Think about that it’s blessed and that it’s altering you on a molecular degree. It’s transmuting the vitality and intention in your sigil, and releasing it into the cosmos. It’s whispering to the universe itself.


Step 7: When you’re utterly executed with the joint, you’ll need to shut the circle. You are taking the bowl of salt and add it to the water and utter the next repeatedly till the salt and water has been utterly combined.


“The circle is open, however by no means damaged. By the powers above, and the powers beneath, I shut this circle.” As soon as you are feeling prepared, drop your roach into the bowl and stroll away.


You’ve simply executed Magick! You’ll even be fairly stoned, however you’ll have taken roughly 15-20 minutes to meditate on one thing that you just want, bringing it ahead and altering your physiological base state, and anchoring it with an idea of your individual intent!


Congratulations, you too now are heretic! Welcome to the darkish facet!









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