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The 30 Most Epic Weed Emojis And Why You Want Them In Your Life

two lines of weed emojis

How do you talk all the enjoyment and feelings that the marijuana expertise has to supply in your texts, IMs, and emails? Weed emojis!

The all-things-cannabis specialists at Sincere Marijuana have compiled an inventory of one of the best weed emojis on your telephone, pill, or cell machine.

A Transient Historical past Of The Emoji

big emoji balloon

Emojis are primarily ideograms — symbols that signify an thought or idea impartial of any explicit language.

What the world would finally dub “emojis” have really been round for an extended, lengthy, lengthy, lengthy time. Historic cultures used symbols of all kinds to signify widespread objects like fish, birds, and arrows.

By 1982 — because the digital revolution was kicking into excessive gear — laptop customers started expressing emotion and which means utilizing textual content symbols strung collectively to type an image.

Examples of early emoticons embrace:

  • : )
  • : – )
  • : D
  • : P
  • : (
  • : O

Within the mid- to late-1990s, Shigetaka Kurita created the primary extensively used set of emojis for a Japanese cell web platform.

The idea didn’t actually take off till the massive cell working techniques (e.g., Apple, Android, and Home windows) included emoji functionality of their gadgets.

From there, emojis exploded in reputation, finally turning into a big a part of on-line communication in addition to in style tradition.

With the proliferation and wide-spread legalization of all issues hashish, it was solely a matter of time earlier than weed emojis discovered their means onto your machine.

That point has arrived!

Behold, the perfect weed emojis that talk all the things the marijuana expertise has to supply.

30 Epic Weed Emojis

1) Doobie

Doobie weed emoji

Save time and faucets (or keystrokes if you happen to’re utilizing an everyday keyboard) when inviting your pals over for a smoke sesh.

Simply sort this emoji, hit ship, and anticipate the enjoyable to start.

2) Holdin’

example of weed emojis

All the things’s A-OK! However look intently on the thumb and pointer finger on this emoji and also you’ll see a joint simply ready to be toked.

Don’t look too arduous otherwise you’ll soften your mind — the doobie’s not likely there. However this picture does appear to be you’re holdin’, which is why these within the know use it as a weed emoji.

Better of all, it’s already accessible on just about each machine.

three) Toasted

toasted weed emojis

Buddies calling to get you to return out and play however can’t peel your self off the sofa? Textual content them this toasted emoji and so they’ll perceive utterly.

four) Blast Off!

rocket as one of many weed emojis

One other free emoji that’s been co-opted by canny hashish customers to convey what’s about to occur or the place they’re already at.

5) Alembic

symbol used as an emoji for weed lovers

This weed emoji — an alembic — takes a little bit of prior data on each the sender’s and receiver’s half (plus, it is probably not available in your machine). However when you perceive, you’ll use it fairly typically.

The alembic is an equipment chemists (and alchemists) use to distill liquids all the way down to their concentrated type.

To many potheads, the alembic represents — and, on the proper angle, even appears to be like like — a glass pipe. Due to that, it’s a well-liked image for getting excessive.

6) Smokin’

smoke symbol as weed emoji

One more emoji that’s extensively accessible to be used on any machine, this represents smoking dope in all its glory.

7) Munchies

pizza emoji

There are many meals emojis on the market, however few convey the mouth-watering feelings of the munchies higher than a slice of pizza.

You would additionally use different emojis to speak this concept — together with hamburger, cookie, doughnut, or pancakes — however we want this one over all others.

eight) Blazin’

fire emoji

Ship this widespread emoji together with the doobie weed emoji on the high of the record, and your good friend will know precisely what you imply: Time to get lit!

9) Cravin’

smiling weed emoji with tongue out

This patently apparent weed emoji communicates precisely what you’re feeling in a single faucet.

Need it! Want it! Gotta have it!

10) Tree

tree symbol

This widespread emoji (i.e., already in your telephone), just like the alembic, takes a little bit of a priori data or somebody explaining it to you. So contemplate this your clarification.

The phrase “tree” utilized in sure contexts refers back to the pot plant itself as a result of wholesome marijuana on the stalk can develop tall and thick — like a tree.

11) Marijuana On My Thoughts

Weed On The Mind Emoji

Whenever you’re in love, you ship the emoji with hearts for eyes. Whenever you’re jonesing for a jolt of Mary Jane, you ship this weed emoji.

12) Hit That Bong

Lighter Emoji

Flick your Bic, flip it the wrong way up (not all the way in which otherwise you’ll actually burn your self), and blaze that bowl of your favourite pressure.

That’s what you’re conveying once you ship this inventive and extensively understood emoji.

13) Weed’s Received Me Like…What??

emoji smoking weed

If you happen to’re excessive as a kite and also you simply don’t perceive what you’re pals are speaking about, this weed emoji is extremely helpful.

You would use the confused emoji (scratching your head) that’s already in your telephone, however others may take that to imply you’re somewhat dim.

After they see it’s since you’ve burned a blunt, they’ll lower you some slack.

14) The Patron Saint Of Weed

Tommy Chong Emoji

No, it’s not Jerry Garcia in his youthful days. It’s Tommy “The Patron Saint Of Weed” Chong.

Undecided who that’s? Cheech and Chong? No? We might should revoke your prescription card.

15) What Time Is It?

420 Emoji

One other sensible weed emoji that communicates a lot with so little. It’s 420 time! Ship this and your pals will come a runnin’.

16) A New Perspective On LMFAO

laughing emoji with a bong

Some issues are humorous. Some issues aren’t. And a few issues are simply plain weed humorous.

If you happen to don’t wish to offend somebody by laughing at their ache, ship this apparent weed emoji and all will likely be forgiven.

17) Blunt

Blunt Emoji

Just like the doobie emoji that kicked off this record, the blunt emoji communicates precisely what you wish to do, what you’re doing proper now, or what you simply did.

It’s so helpful in so many conditions.

18) Peace, Love, And Pot

pot-smoking peace emoji

Wanna ship emotions of peace, love, and pot? That’s precisely what this emoji is for.

Peace out, man.

19) Rollin’

Rolling Emoji

An unmistakable illustration of what’s about to go down.

Use it up to now, current, and future tense to speak quite a lot of messages with a single faucet.

20) Ganja, Mon

Jamaican weed emoji

These rastas know a factor or two about good pot. It’s no marvel, then, that they’ve their very own weed emojis.

21) Puff, Puff, Gone

Stoned Emoji

Your good friend: U up four sushi?

You: weed emoji

Your good friend: C U in a pair daze!

22) Unfold The Phrase

legalize weed emoji

Insert this as a tag in all of your digital messages — to folks, lecturers, cops, authorities officers — to unfold the phrase about what we actually need: peace, love, freedom, and pot…

…and high-speed web, and reasonably priced well being care, and unicorns.

23) Screamin’ Weed

Bud Emoji

Is the dank screaming your title? Let the world know with this weed emoji.

24) Lookin’ Ahead To It

happy emoji rolling a joint

The look on this emoji’s face says all of it: “I can’t wait to burn down on this huge fatty!”

25) Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough Emoji

We’ve included this one for its sheer creativity. This weed emoji is sort of a rebus in some ways — it takes a little bit of reasoning to determine the which means.

In case you’re having hassle, it’s a strawberry coughing. Therefore, it refers back to the strawberry cough pressure that’s in style for its scrumptious berry taste.

26) Pot Leaf

Pot Leaf Emoji

This right here, it’s the bat sign for the marijuana technology.

Ship this out to all your pals and so they’ll come working to partake of no matter herb you’ve received readily available. No masks or fancy automobile vital.

27) Feelin’ Good

Red Eyes Emojis

If we hear arduous sufficient, we are able to virtually hear this weed emoji saying, “Yeah, man,” in a very sluggish and mellow tone of voice.

It’s one other spot-on ideogram that tells everybody what you simply did, are doing, or will do within the close to future.

28) Extra Is All the time Higher

emoji with multiple blunts in his mouth

We’re undecided once you’d use this emoji. Or why you’d wish to cram a complete bunch of joints in your mouth — one is sufficient for us, thanks very a lot.

However this definitely conveys a way of overindulgence that may’t be present in every other emoji on the market.

29) The Proper Selection

marijuana emoji

Just like the legalize emoji above, this easy picture instructs customers to make the correct selection with regards to the stuff they inhale.

We select pot each time.

30) Alright, Alright, Alright

thumbs-up weed emoji

If you wish to give affirmation or approval in a means that claims, “I may not keep in mind this within the morning,” that is the emoji for you.

Maintain It Actual With Weed Emojis And Sincere Marijuana

One of the best ways to expertise all that hashish has to supply — and uncover the very actual want for weed emojis — is to roll a joint, pack a bowl, or cook dinner some edibles with one of the best natural pot on the planet (discovered solely at Sincere Marijuana).

For extra info on all issues hashish and to take a look at our 100-percent all-natural marijuana merchandise, go to at the moment.

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