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Get Aware of the Steam Chalice, Jamaica’s Most Sacred Smoking System

All photographs are courtesy of Robert “Ras Kahleb” Gordon of Ital Steam Chalice

Not too long ago, whereas on a visit to Jamaica, I went dancing at a dub membership. Ganja smoke stuffed the out of doors celebration as casually as clouds. I used to be transfixed by a Rastafarian who was smoking out of what seemed like a pipe made out of a coconut with an extended bamboo stick hooked up to it. In between songs, he’d pause to arrange the gadget. Later within the night time, I met a person named Peter, who additionally had one, and let me attempt it. It wasn’t smoke that the gadget produced, however vapor. It was the smoothest hit of herb I ever took. I later discovered this contraption was known as the “steam chalice,” and it turned omnipresent throughout the remainder of my week in Jamaica, because of my native pals. And it seems the gadget is a sacred a part of Jamaican tradition, with its personal distinctive historical past. 

“The steam chalice, a Jamaican invention, is a extra natural and safer solution to get the essence of the herb, with minimal quantity of the poisonous byproducts related to direct hearth positioned on the herb,” my good friend and Rastafarian Jamaican native Ah-Tesphaye Fatari instructed me. “Well being is wealth, so let’s benefit from the herbs in a extra ital [natural] method,” Fatari stated. 


“Ital” is a Jamaican expression which suggests pure, and is used to explain every thing from organically grown hashish to native, wholesome meals. A steam chalice is constructed from ceramic elements, bamboo, and calabash or coconut items. The hollowed-out coconut or calabash is stuffed with water, or ideally pure coconut water. A bamboo rod is hooked up to the coconut or calabash base for inhalation. Ganja is positioned (in complete nugs, there isn’t a want for grinding) contained in the ceramic piece, which has a filter. Charcoal constructed from coconut is positioned on prime of the ceramic half for combustion. To smoke out of the chalice, you gentle the charcoal, await it to warmth up, and take a pull by means of the bamboo. The result’s a clear and aromatic hit of hashish. As Fatari talked about, it’s additionally a really wholesome consumption methodology. 

The combustion is extra managed in a steam chalice than a joint, as the fireplace will not be touching the uncooked herb immediately. “Activated charcoal could be very helpful for cleansing functions, cleaning toxins, and free radicals,” stated Jamaican-based naturopath and herbalist Dr. Lakisha Jenkins.  There’s no residual solvents, as with different vaporizers, as a result of the warmth is coming immediately from the coals. Between the coals and the water, or contemporary coconut water, the steam chalice supplies a double filtration system. 

“If you’re smoking it, you’re getting the complete flavonoid, terpene, and cannabinoid profile. They play off each other so that you’re getting the complete medical advantages,” Dr. Jenkins defined. You can even actually style the flavors of the ganja. 


In keeping with Robert “Ras Kahleb” Gordon, creator of the award-winning Ital Vapor Steam Chalice, the steam chalice was first noticed at a 1972 ceremony in Montego Bay, held by the Rastafarian Nyahbinghi, the oldest Rastafarian subgroup. “As I turned a part of the Rastafarian neighborhood, steaming was simply part of it,” Gordon stated. “As a result of it’s all pure and tastes good, it is extremely therapeutic. That’s the place you wish to be whenever you’re praying to Jah, who can also be a ganja god,” he added. Whereas it’s a hand-crafted product, as curiosity within the chalice unfold, people like Gordon have made a dwelling off promoting chalices to others. 

The primary time somebody handed me a steam chalice, I used to be instructed to bless the chalice earlier than taking successful. I thanked the chalice for offering me with a wholesome solution to devour hashish and promised in return to unfold the phrase of how hashish will be beneficially used. The chalice itself is even created to invoke the 4 parts — hearth, water, air, and earth. “You want the water for the bubbles, the earth is represented by the ceramic [parts] and the bamboo, you are taking a deep inhalation for air, after which the fireplace combines the 4 parts,” Gordon defined. The deep respiration required to take pulls from the chalice can also be a non secular apply. “Deep respiration creates meditative vibes, positivity, and anger administration,” he added. 


The water within the coconut or calabash base can also be used within the ritual. “The water within the chalice will also be used to ‘anoint’ one’s locks as a type of baptism or vow. The aroma from anointing could be very pungent, and right here we get into terpene and aromatherapy,” Fatari stated. “The smoke blown from the nostrils is likened to clouds. Through the ritual, there’s a ‘channeling’ of constructive ideas and uplifting vibes.” 

I grew up within the Caribbean, and defending and correctly representing its folks and tradition is of nice significance to me. I expressed concern over writing in regards to the steam chalice. Is that this sacred software meant for public consumption and widespread adoption, or ought to it’s saved to Rastafarians? “You don’t must have locks to be rasta; it’s extra like tradition,” Fatari instructed me. “The steam chalice will not be distinctive, however it’s particular to the rasta neighborhood, because the rasta neighborhood endeavours to be as ital as doable.” 


It’s true that different cultures, resembling elements of India, have historically consumed hashish in a sacred method. Whereas the US tends to place hashish into classes (medicinal, leisure, and so forth.) everybody interviewed for this piece felt no want to ascertain such labeling, so long as respect is practiced throughout consumption.

“It’s a sacred piece, however within the day of commercialization, many use it in that leisure method,” Gordon stated. “Due to its meditation and the way it makes you’re feeling, it naturally makes the hyperlink to a non secular expertise.” In different phrases, the act of placing collectively the steam chalice is a ritual in and of itself.  


“The method of steam will not be as quick as lighting a spliff. Put within the water, heat up the charcoal, and inhale it a number of instances earlier than you get the steam, which requires endurance,” Gordon instructed me at one level. “Give because of the creator. Used recreationally, you must respect this, as properly. The steam chalice is a non secular piece, it is usually a leisure piece, and it is usually a medical piece.” 

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