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How the "Ayahuasca Weight-reduction plan" Can Maximize Your Psychedelic Expertise

Ayahuasca, sometimes called the “vine of the soul,” is a strong psychedelic plant brew hailing from the Amazon rainforest. Having reached mainstream reputation in recent times due to documentaries, music, and books, this medication has gained fame for its potential to deeply heal and drastically enhance the lives of those that consciously work with it.

However the therapeutic course of isn’t straightforward — and the ayahuasca expertise can mirror that. From relishing in pure ecstasy to traversing hellish landscapes, having horrific visions (to not point out bouts of sweating and vomiting), the aya journey is deep and profound. That’s why it’s necessary to arrange. Since ayahuasca interacts with current food and drinks saved within the physique, in addition to ideas and unresolved traumas floating within the thoughts, every thing you devour previous to sipping the traditional brew has the potential to influence your expertise — for higher or worse. 

Yearly, lots of people searching for a transformative expertise with ayahuasca discover themselves dissatisfied after discovering that unhealthy food plan, inconsiderate drug use, and detrimental thought patterns can stop you from diving deep and breaking by to metamorphosis. 

In case your physique has a relentless circulation of processed meat and dairy, excessive ranges of salt and sugar, or medication, the brew will spend time forcing it to return up and out. In different phrases, you’ll purge. However there are issues you are able to do to mitigate the probabilities of having an uncomfortable expertise. Following the ayahuasca food plan is considered one of them, and arguably the very best recommendation to get probably the most out of your expertise; which extends even after the consequences of the vine have light. 

The routine consists of meals, drinks, and behaviors to keep away from earlier than and after working with aya. And even for those who’re not trying to embark on an extended, deep psychedelic journey into the depths of your thoughts and faraway realms, this food plan prep additionally works for different psychedelic plant medication experiences. That stated, contemplate this your go-to information to getting probably the most out of your subsequent ayahuasca ceremony.


What You Can Eat and Drink

Quite a lot of the data on the ayahuasca food plan tends to solely deal with the meals and drinks individuals ought to keep away from, leaving many questioning what they are allowed to devour. So, for those who’re meal prepping or heading out to eat and questioning what to order, the next objects are staples in an ayahuasca-friendly routine:

– Fruit
– Greens
– Grains
– Legumes
– Plantains
– Yucca
– Potatoes
– Rice
– Quinoa
– Oats
– Pastas
– Rooster
– Recent fish
– Eggs
– Water
– Natural tea

As you may see, the ayahuasca food plan is a bit plain. In actual fact, it’s fully void of some components many Westerners contemplate to be of utmost significance when cooking a tasty meal, together with oil, salt and pepper, pork and crimson meat, and dairy merchandise.

Though this menu could not look thrilling, these meals and drinks are packed to the brim with vitamin. They’re absolutely satiating, and most significantly, they’re not fully flavorless — when you get used to them, after all. In actual fact, you’re more likely to discover that your style buds change (a course of referred to as neuro-adaptation) shortly after you change the extra pungent objects in your food plan with these listed above.

No matter you select to eat whereas following the ayahuasca food plan, just be sure you keep on with easy recipes, that includes pure and natural components as a lot as attainable. It’s necessary to scale back the usage of spices and eradicate all stimulants — resembling caffeine, dietary supplements, or medication — completely.


What You Can’t Eat and Drink

There are a number of meals and drinks that aya-voyagers ought to chorus from consuming previous to working with the sacred vine. After experimenting with numerous diets over the course of generations, indigenous shamans have settled on the next checklist of things that ought to be prevented — at minimal — three to 5 days previous to a ceremony. Reducing these things out of your food plan a number of weeks earlier than consuming the brew is good, nevertheless. 

– Oil and fried meals
– Spicy meals
– Extreme salt or pepper
– Fermented meals (miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, soy sauce)
– Pork and crimson meat
– Smoked or aged fish
– Animal fat
– Non-fresh (canned or packaged) meat and fish merchandise
– Dairy merchandise
– Overripe fruits
– Citrus
– Uncooked nuts
– Espresso and caffeinated tea
– Carbonated drinks (together with sodas, power drinks, and non-alcoholic beer)
– Frozen or icy chilly meals and drinks
– Chocolate
– Processed sweets and refined sugar
– Aspartame
– Liquid and/or dry protein extracts
– Brewer’s yeast or yeast-based dietary supplements

Of the objects on this checklist, you must particularly keep away from meals containing an amino acid known as tyramine. These meals embody aged cheeses, pickled or fermented meals, alcoholic drinks, and meats which were smoked, cured, or processed. Tyramine can improve your blood strain and coronary heart charge, and since ayahuasca already triggers these results, combining it with meals containing tyramine can lead to a variety of doubtless life-threatening points, together with strokes, coronary heart assaults, complications, extreme nervousness, and kidney issues.

Though the food plan sounds stringent, keep away from turning into neurotic concerning the food plan. It doesn’t have to be adopted completely — simply do your finest and eat and drink as clear as attainable. For those who do devour disallowed meals or drinks, it’s not the top of the world. And it doesn’t essentially imply that you just’re going to have a troublesome ceremony. 


Substantial Contraindications: Different Medicine and Drugs to Keep away from

Whereas the meals and drinks you devour previous to an ayahuasca ceremony can have a major influence on the general high quality of your expertise, different medication additionally contribute in an enormous method — even frequent drinks and doctor-prescribed drugs.

Within the days and weeks main as much as working with ayahuasca, it’s best to keep away from the usage of different medication and drugs, together with (however not restricted to):

– Caffeine
– Alcohol
– Avenue medication (cocaine, heroin)
– Psychedelics (hashish, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA)
– Barbiturates
– SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs
– Amphetamines
– Antihypertensives (hypertension medication)
– Urge for food suppressants (weight loss supplements)
– Sleep drugs
– Medication for bronchial asthma, bronchitis, or different respiration issues
– Antihistamines (medicines for colds, sinus issues, hay fever, or allergy symptoms)
– CNS (central nervous system) depressants
– Alpha- and beta-blockers
– Contraceptives
– Antipsychotics

And that’s not all. There are different plant medicines that ought to be prevented, together with:

– St. John’s Wort
– Kratom
– Kava
– Ephedra
– Ginseng
– Yohimbe
– Sinicuichi

Combining any of those medication or plant medicines with ayahuasca can lead to an uncomfortable and difficult expertise. Mixing medication with aya may result in severe well being considerations, so it is best to steer clear of them main as much as a ceremony. It’s necessary to notice, nevertheless, that the ayahuasca ceremony isn’t for everybody. 

If the state of your well being will depend on any of the above drugs, we don’t advocate going off these medicines. We do, nevertheless, counsel you converse to a healthcare skilled previous to working with aya.


Additional Restrictions: Behaviors, Private Hygiene Merchandise, and Female Circumstances

The ayahuasca food plan doesn’t solely embody stuff you put in your physique. There are additionally sure behaviors to skip, hygienic objects to put aside for a bit, and a pair issues that ladies have to be particularly conscious of throughout the weeks main as much as any potential ayahuasca ceremony.

It’s really useful to abstain from sexual actions of any type, together with kissing and masturbation, for at the very least a number of days previous to consuming ayahuasca. Ideally the longer you may keep away from sexual exercise, the higher. The reason being as a result of intercourse is a large trade of power. And typically intercourse can drain you, which, in flip, can probably get in the best way of ayahuasca’s capability to work successfully.

Making ready your thoughts for an ayahuasca ceremony can be of utmost significance. Consuming violent or disturbing content material within the time main as much as working with this plant medication could make your total expertise significantly tougher, so it’s finest to keep away from all types of mass media, together with tv, movies, and radio for at the very least one week earlier than a ceremony. Lower out any jarring music, intense studying supplies, or motion pictures. Shut off the information and keep away from social media or locations and platforms you’re more likely to encounter battle and negativity. That is among the many hardest issues to do, contemplating the world during which we dwell thrives on scrolling and zombie-ing out in entrance of the tube. 

As an alternative of getting misplaced in media, use the week main as much as the ceremony to interrupt these habits. Work on calming your thoughts, and set intentions for the upcoming expertise. Learn self-help books, spend time meditating, or training yoga, and replicate in your previous and what you’d wish to get out of your ayahuasca expertise by journaling. The aim is to gasoline your thoughts with constructive ideas somewhat than detrimental ones. And whereas it does take some work, it should repay in spades throughout your ceremony.

Don’t use artificial soaps, perfumes, or toiletries, which can include components that don’t combine effectively with ayahuasca. Harsh chemical substances present in these merchandise can lead to vomiting, extreme sweating, and, in some uncommon circumstances, bouts of diarrhea — so it’s finest to keep away from them for a number of days previous to your first ceremony. You’ll be able to change them with variations that include pure and natural components, which can work together significantly better with the drugs and forestall pointless purging.

Ladies who’re menstruating on the day of an ayahuasca ceremony ought to inform their shaman or ceremony facilitators, who will assess the scenario. It’s attainable they’ll ask a girl on her cycle to take a seat out for a number of ceremonies till menstruation has handed.


How Lengthy to Observe the Ayahuasca Weight-reduction plan

Many shamans and retreat facilities request their purchasers observe the ayahuasca food plan for a minimal period of time, which may vary from just some days up to some weeks earlier than the primary ayahuasca ceremony. Since ayahuasca continues to work on the physique and thoughts lengthy after it’s consumed (some say for a number of months), you must also proceed following the food plan for at the very least a number of days or perhaps weeks after your ceremonies are behind you.

The longer you observe the ayahuasca food plan earlier than and after working with ayahuasca, the deeper you’ll go in your journeys and the extra successfully profound your expertise will probably be. Complying with the ayahuasca food plan as carefully as you may all through your day-to-day gained’t simply make your experiences with aya higher — it’s probably to enhance your on a regular basis life, as effectively.

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