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Blunt, Joint, Spliff: What’s The Distinction?

comparing blunt, joint, spliff


The language of marijuana is a veritable goldmine of wacky verbiage. From airplane and angola to swag and sticky icky, there’s actually a slang time period for each scenario. Most of those phrases can be utilized interchangeably because the temper hits, however some widespread phrases have very particular meanings and must be used solely when the correct circumstances are met.

Living proof: the phrases blunt, joint, and spliff. Together with just a few others, they might be the commonest phrases within the hashish dictionary. However are you aware the distinction between blunt, joint, and spliff? The reply would possibly shock you.

Regardless that hashish lovers are a reasonably laid-back bunch, utilizing the fallacious language could be a particular give-away that you simply’re inexperienced or “unedumacated.” The distinction between blunt, joint, and spliff is a major instance. Certain, they each include marijuana, however that’s the place the similarities finish. What’s extra, there are some fairly distinct variations that set one other than the opposite.

As an instance, it’s just like the distinction between a automotive and a truck. Sure, they each have 4 wheels and an engine, however you’re going to get some fairly unusual appears in case you level at a Mazda Miata and name it a Chevy Silverado. The phrases simply don’t combine. The identical is true for a blunt, a joint, and a spliff.

Unsure what makes a blunt a blunt, a joint a joint, and a spliff a spliff? That’s why we’re right here. So sit again, loosen up, and put together to learn.

What Is A Joint?

That can assist you perceive the variations between a blunt, a joint, and a spliff, we’re going to interrupt down the development into smaller elements. We’ll concentrate on:

  • Inside
  • Exterior
  • Shade
  • Measurement
  • Taste

This provides you with some factors of reference for comparability and provide help to see what makes each distinctive.

marijuana joint on table



The inside of a joint is solely marijuana. No further stuff in right here, man! It may be no matter pressure you select, however it’s all the time and solely marijuana. And simply so that you aren’t utterly confused by all of the strange weed phrases on the market, let’s examine the joint to a different stoner mainstay — the spliff.

A spliff is just like a joint (some would possibly say an identical), however it accommodates each marijuana AND tobacco, and, subsequently, shouldn’t be used to consult with a joint. So once you add tobacco to your bud and wrap it in paper, you’ve transmogrified you’re joint right into a spliff.

Tah dah! Guess you didn’t even know you would do magic. However wait! We’re getting off observe. We’ll go over spliffs intimately afterward within the article. Now, we’ll get again to the subject at hand: blunt, joint, spliff.


That is the place the main distinction between blunt, joint, and spliff happens. A joint is rolled in some type of rolling or cigarette paper. These papers will be composed of extensively completely different supplies together with the basic wood-pulp to the extra unique rice to the “duh, why didn’t I consider it earlier than” hemp.

Every sort and model of paper has completely different properties together with, thickness, dimension, taste, “rollability”, and burn size. Model names embody Zig-Zag, Randy’s, Membership, Bambu, Parts, Uncooked and our private favourite, NoGlu.


Again within the day, joints had been all the time white or mild tan. It wasn’t that we had been one way or the other prejudiced in opposition to different colours (hashish has all the time been a really inclusive tradition). That’s simply how the rolling papers had been made.

We took what we might get as a result of we actually didn’t care what the surface regarded like—we had been going to burn it anyway. It was all the time about what was on the within.

Flash ahead 50 years, and most rolling papers—and by extension, our joints—are nonetheless white or mild tan…for probably the most half. Now, rolling papers are available in all types of psychedelic colours, so your joint will be gold, grey, polka-dotted, and even clear (for that voyeur inside us all).


Most rolling papers are about three inches lengthy. When rolled, they usually resemble a cigarette. That mentioned, they are often thinner or thicker relying on the paper used and how a lot marijuana you pack inside. As you’ll see once we dissect the blunt within the subsequent part, dimension does matter (sorry, we couldn’t resist).


The flavour of a joint will come from the pressure used to roll it moderately than the paper. It is because most rolling papers are flavorless. That lets you expertise the total style of your Fruity Pebbles with out the paper getting in the way in which.

That mentioned, whereas most papers are certainly flavorless, some flavored varieties will be discovered.

What Is A Blunt?

what is a bluntSupply:


Like a joint, the inside of a blunt is strictly marijuana. Whether or not it’s a blunt or a joint doesn’t depend upon the pressure inside, simply that it’s solely marijuana. A blunt or a joint combined with anything will not be a blunt or a joint and must be referred to by a unique title.


Once more, that is the place the main distinction between a blunt and a joint happens. A blunt is made by filling a bit of tobacco paper along with your alternative of marijuana. Alternatively, a blunt will be created with a cleaned-out cigar wrap. Cigar wraps are usually created from compressed tobacco leaf.

And whereas we’re with regards to cigars, cigar wraps, and blunts, there’s an enormous debate about hand-rolling vs. machine-rolling. Sincere Blunts are rolled by a machine. That enables us to make sure that each Sincere Blunt lives as much as our exacting requirements.

And actually, it’s not about who or what rolls the blunts. It’s about what they’re product of. We use solely the most effective bud and the most effective organic-processed hemp-leaf wrappers to construct our blunts. Nothing low-cost and no fillers. That’s the Sincere Marijuana method.

It reminds us of the legend that the most effective Cuban cigars had been hand-rolled on the thighs of virgins. What does that do? Completely nothing. The hand-rolled angle was only a option to make that specific cigar stand out. It didn’t contribute to the standard or the style. What was inside did that.

We’ll put our machine-rolled Sincere Blunts up in opposition to any hand-rolled blunt on the market, and we’ll assure that “hand rolling” received’t make a lick of distinction within the high quality, the style, or the expertise.


Blunts are brown, and that’s all you get. No wacky colours or enjoyable prints. Simply the boring brown shade of filth or mud. However actually, that’s okay, as a result of the distinction between the brown wrapper (whether or not it’s tobacco, cigar, or hemp) and the inexperienced ganja makes every blunt a factor of magnificence. You would possibly even name it a piece of weed artwork!

So why is that this vital to our dialogue of blunt, joint, and spliff? As a result of shade units the three aside. Joints are not often brown (except you exit of your method and pay via the nostril to get brown rolling paper), and blunts are by no means white, gold, or — god forbid — polka dot.


Like joints, blunts can vary in dimension. As a result of they use wrap or paper meant for cigars, they’re virtually all the time longer and thicker than the standard joint. Whereas the size doesn’t range all that a lot, the thickness can fluctuate relying on the quantity of marijuana packed inside.

Some like their blunts packed full in order that they resemble a business cigar. Some like their blunts packed lower than full in order that they resemble a consuming straw. Whatever the dimension, it’s what’s on the surface — tobacco paper or cigar wrap — that makes a blunt a blunt.


The flavour of a blunt can be affected by the kind of exterior wrapping you employ. On the most elementary, a tobacco taste can be combined in with the flavour of the pressure you select. Generally that is good. Generally it’s dangerous.

It could take some experimentation to seek out the correct pressure to combine with the blunt wrapper of your alternative (in case you roll your personal, in fact). A greater choice is to let the professionals assemble your blunt for you. That method, you’ll be assured to get the freshest, most flavorful, longest-burning blunt potential.

What Is A Spliff?

hand holding a spliff with water in background


Identical to blunts and joints, spliffs include marijuana. However in contrast to blunts and joints, spliffs are usually not all marijuana inside.

As an alternative, spliffs include a mix of marijuana and tobacco. Most spliffs — be they store-bought or DIY — don’t include greater than 50 p.c tobacco as a result of, actually, in case you wished extra tobacco than weed, simply purchase a cigarette.

So with the addition of tobacco into the combination, you’ll be able to see why it’s important that you simply use the proper time period for what you’re going to smoke. Think about this dialog between you and your crush:

You: “Hey, bae. Wanna smoke a spliff wiff me?”

Them:  “Nah. That tobacco stuff’ll kill you! You tryin’ to make me sick? Don’t speak to me anymore!”

You: “Wait! No tobacco in my smoke. Simply weed.”

Them: “That’s a joint, you software! I can’t be with somebody who doesn’t know the diff b/w a joint & a spliff! I’m out.”

You: “Please don’t go.”

Them: “Too late. Good friend zone.”

So unhappy. If solely you’d used the proper time period once you had the possibility. You’d be excessive along with your crush by your facet proper now as an alternative of flying solo once more. Phrase alternative is vital, girls and boys.


Whereas the inside of a spliff places it squarely in its personal class, the outside of a spliff appears similar to that of a joint.

That’s as a result of spliffs are rolled in your alternative of — anticipate it — rolling paper, similar to a joint. The truth is, joints and spliffs could look precisely alike from the surface, so it’s crucial to know what’s inside (and consult with it appropriately) earlier than you smoke.


Identical to joints, the colour of a spliff is determined by the kind of rolling paper you select.

Most spliffs can be white or mild tan. However there’s no cause you’ll be able to’t go wild and wrap your weed/tobacco combine in a elaborate shade if the sensation strikes you.


The scale of your spliff is determined by the scale of the rolling paper you select. Most spliffs can be about three inches lengthy and the identical thickness as your typical joint.

Some sources like to say spliff is (or must be) greater or smaller than a daily joint and that that’s how one can inform them aside. To that we name B.S. Right here’s why.

Let’s say you got down to roll a joint. You sprinkle all of the marijuana you need on the rolling paper and are nearly to shut once you suppose, “Wait a minute. I believe I’d moderately have a spliff.” What do you do?

You scoop out a number of the weed and substitute it with tobacco. Primarily, you’ve bought the identical quantity of floor materials on the rolling paper (to your spliff) as you probably did to your joint. The tip outcome would be the similar dimension no matter whether or not it’s a spliff or a joint.

On this case, dimension doesn’t matter (thank goodness).


The flavour of a spliff can be dramatically completely different than a joint however fairly just like a blunt.

Bear in mind, the joint is pure Mary Jane, so the pressure will dictate the flavour and aroma. The spliff is a mixture of Mary Jane and tobacco, so it’ll style and odor extra like a cigarette than a joint.

You’ll additionally discover that spliffs and blunts style and odor loads alike as a result of they each have some half Mary Jane and a few half tobacco. Within the spliff, the tobacco is on the within (with the Mary Jane). Within the blunt, the tobacco is on the surface (within the wrapper).

What Are The Advantages Of A Joint?

Marijuana joint


The advantages of a joint are myriad, which is why it has been round so long as it has. Most notably, the scale of a joint makes it simple to retailer and transport. An enormous variety of them will be saved in a daily plastic bag, stuffed at the back of a sock drawer, or buried on the backside of a duffel bag.

Ease of rolling is one other issue that makes joints a terrific alternative for all of your marijuana smoking wants. The papers used to roll joints are designed to be comparatively simple to deal with.

Not like a blunt, which many individuals assemble by first dismantling a cigar, joint papers are able to go. An skilled smoker can roll a joint in two to a few minutes, whereas it would take double or triple (and even quadruple) that to get a blunt going.

One other advantage of consuming your hashish in joint kind is that there’s no different materials added. You may make sure that nothing is coming between you and your favourite pressure of Mary Jane.

Oh, and let’s not overlook about custom. Joints have been round for a very long time and are a tried-and-trusted technique for smoking pot. The joint is probably the most well known option to get marijuana into your system (adopted intently by the bong).

Once you smoke a joint, you’ll be able to really feel proud that you simply’re a part of a convention going again many 1000’s of years.

What Are The Advantages Of A Blunt?

benefits of a bluntSupply: Buzzweed.internet

Burn time is a serious profit that may be had by smoking a blunt. The thickness and composition of the wrapper make a blunt burn slower than the extra short-lived joint. It is a main bonus for a lot of, particularly when smoking in a gaggle. Individuals get extra tokes as a result of the entire thing lasts longer.

The added materials (tobacco) will be considered a singular advantage of the blunt. Tobacco can present a “buzz” just like the caffeine in espresso. This pleasurable impact typically precedes the hashish excessive and may make a pleasant addition to the expertise.

One other advantage of a blunt is the amount of fabric inside. Blunts are often thicker than joints and plenty of really feel that they get increased from a blunt due to the additional hashish. Whether or not that is true in all circumstances or only a matter of notion is open for debate, however the addition of tobacco could have one thing to do with it.

What Are The Advantages Of A Spliff?

hand holdling metal plate with marijuana

Except for the truth that a spliff accommodates a identified carcinogen, there are an a variety of benefits to smoking a spliff as an alternative of a joint, together with:

  • Burn charge
  • Burn evenness
  • Nicotine makes for a extra energetic excessive
  • Tobacco reduces the tell-tale pot aroma

Due to the presence of tobacco, spliffs burn slower and steadier than joints (however not blunts). If we needed to put blunts, joints, and spliffs on a burn-rate scale, it will be: joint (quickest), spliff (center), blunt (slowest). That mentioned, loads is determined by dimension in the case of burn charge.

Equally, spliffs burn extra evenly than joints. With a spliff, you don’t have to fret about canoeing or another bizarre form as a result of the tobacco makes the entire thing burn on the similar charge.

In regard to nicotine, the notorious chemical in tobacco stimulates your adrenal gland (releasing adrenaline) and causes your pancreas to launch much less insulin (leading to a rise in blood sugar). Marijuana doesn’t try this.

So these two results mixed, along with the results of marijuana, make for a singular feeling that may’t be discovered wherever else.

Lastly, tobacco reduces the tell-tale pot aroma. That may be good or dangerous relying on the way you have a look at it. Good in case you don’t need anybody understanding you’re toking weed, however dangerous as a result of now all the things smells like a cigarette.

Ideas For Rolling Your Personal Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs

DIY is the guts and soul of hashish tradition, so it’s no marvel you’re searching for one of the simplest ways to roll your personal blunts and joints. On this part, we’ll offer you all the information you’ll have to roll the prettiest blunts and joints in your block.


Wish to roll your personal blunt? Right here’s an vital tip:

  1. Don’t!

Certain, there are some easy methods to take away tobacco from a cigar wrapper in an effort to roll your personal blunt, however we don’t advocate them.

Second-hand cigar wrappers (those who had been as soon as cigars) are brittle when unrolled and may break or crack once you’re making an attempt to get your ganja in. That may break your blunt utterly and put a serious kibosh in your pot-smoking plans.

Don’t let the hassles of DIY-blunt-rolling harsh your buzz. Simply buy your blunts pre-rolled (like these from Sincere Marijuana) so all you need to do is think about getting excessive.


Wish to roll your personal joint? No warnings right here! The truth is, if you wish to be an actual stoner, it’s best to learn to grasp this important DIY talent.

  1. At all times grind your ganja first.
  2. Embrace a filter or crutch on the finish so your joint doesn’t get soggy.
  3. Take your time.
  4. Roll your joint tightly (however not too tightly).
  5. Use as little paper as potential whereas nonetheless ensuring the joint closes.
  6. Strive packing the tip of the joint with a pen to make sure an excellent burn.
  7. Twist the far finish tightly closed to maintain all the things in.
  8. Follow, observe, observe.

It could take some time to grasp the talent of rolling your personal joint, however when you get it, you’ll really feel like one million bucks.

And if you wish to add a hefty kick to your superbly rolled joint, right here’s a useful tip out of your uncle HMJ: strive including some kief, wax, or oil to the marijuana earlier than you wrap it up. The added ingredient (don’t fear, it’s nonetheless a joint) can present a robust kick that may take your smoking expertise to an entire new degree.


Return to the part instantly above and substitute the phrase “joint” with the phrase “spliff,” and the phrase “ganja” with the phrases “ganja and tobacco.” The method is precisely the identical.

Too lazy to scroll? High-quality. You simply sit there. We’ll do the work.

  1. At all times grind your ganja and tobacco first.
  2. Embrace a filter or crutch on the finish so your spliff doesn’t get soggy.
  3. Take your time.
  4. Roll your spliff tightly (however not too tightly).
  5. Use as little paper as potential whereas nonetheless ensuring the spliff closes.
  6. Strive packing the tip of the spliff with a pen to make sure an excellent burn.
  7. Twist the far finish tightly closed to maintain all the things in.
  8. Follow, observe, observe.

You may even add kief, wax, or oil earlier than you roll and it’ll nonetheless be a spliff (as a result of…tobacco).

Blunt, Joint, Spliff…Which Do You Select?

Partaking of your hashish assortment by way of blunt, joint, or spliff is, like selecting a favourite pressure, largely a matter of private desire. The good factor about this debate is that it offers you the chance to strive the completely different strategies of consumption and resolve for your self.

Any excuse to smoke some ganja, proper?

To find out whether or not you just like the blunt or the joint or the spliff, we recommend buying a high-quality, pre-rolled model of every first. This provides you with the chance to seek out out which you like with out letting the development course of sway your determination.

When you’ve determined primarily based on smoking alone, you’ll be able to strive rolling your personal variations and see if that modifications your thoughts.

For extra data on all issues marijuana and to take a look at our 100-percent all-natural hashish merchandise, go to immediately.

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