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THC Patch: The Final Information To THC Transdermal Patches

Woman applying a THC patch

Hey, have you ever heard the information? Because of the THC patch, now you will get your every day dose of tetrahydrocannabinol with out the necessity for blunts, joints, bongs, edibles, lotions, or tinctures. We all know it feels like science fiction, but it surely’s not.

In truth, transdermal patches (a.ok.a. transdermal supply system or TDDS) have been round for nearly 40 years. Method again in 1979, the FDA authorised a scopolamine patch for movement illness. Not lengthy after that, the FDA authorised the nitroglycerin patch for people with coronary heart issues.

Different transdermal patches adopted shortly thereafter. Essentially the most well-known TDDS is the nicotine patch launched in 1991 to assist tobacco customers kick the smoking behavior.

With the legalization of medical and leisure hashish within the early a part of the 21st century, the following logical step was the THC patch. And now, they’ve lastly arrived. However what are THC patches? And the way precisely do they work?

The consultants at Sincere Marijuana will reply these essential questions and lots of others. We’ll additionally discuss what strains work finest and the distinction between a THC patch and a THC cream (topical).

First, although, it’s very important that you just perceive what you’re getting while you slap on a THC patch.

What Is THC?

Chemical breakdown of THC

It’s laborious to imagine we even have to reply this query anymore. However for the sake of thoroughness—and for these you who’ve lived within the Bornean rainforest for the previous 80 years—we’re going to do it anyway.

THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) is one in all a gaggle of chemical compounds often known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are discovered completely within the hashish plant (indica, sativa, and ruderalis) and are liable for the myriad of psychedelic and medicinal results. Widespread cannabinoids embrace:

THC is most well-known (notorious?) for its skill to get you excessive, but it surely may also be used to:

  • Kill most cancers cells
  • Relieve continual ache and irritation
  • Stimulate urge for food
  • Scale back/remove nausea and vomiting
  • Deal with PTSD and different neurological issues

We’ll discuss whether or not a THC patch will get you excessive in a later part. However first, let’s get to know the THC patch a bit higher.

What Is A THC Patch?

Put merely, a THC patch is a skinny piece of plastic coated with adhesive (like a Band-aid™) and infused with the cannabinoid THC. Due to the best way they work, THC patches can supply all-day or all-night aid to these affected by continual points like ache and nervousness.

To get this aid, you merely apply the THC patch to a venous a part of your physique, like your ankle, your arm, or the within of your wrist. Your physique warmth prompts the patch and causes it to launch a small quantity of THC by means of your pores and skin and into your bloodstream.

We’ll get into the specifics of how the THC patch works in only a second. Now, we’re going to reply the query on everybody’s thoughts: will a THC patch get you excessive?

Will A THC Patch Get You Excessive?

Getting high from a THC Patch

The quick reply is not any. A THC patch received’t get you excessive as a result of your physique absorbs the cannabinoid slowly over plenty of hours somewhat than (like it’s while you smoke or dab). That is nice information for individuals who want THC’s medicinal results with out the extreme psychoactive excessive.

In order you may most likely guess, THC patches will not be for individuals who wish to go flying in a Blue Dream. As a substitute, they’re for these with actual medical points who want the therapeutic results of THC.

For the leisure consumer who enjoys a little bit of couchlock on occasion, your finest wager continues to be a sturdy weed pressure and a film from this record. Depart the patches for individuals who want them, and check out a Thai stick or some moon rock weed as a substitute.

How Do Transdermal THC Patches Work?

We’re going to drop some science, son, however don’t let that scare you off. THC patches present a singular methodology of cannabinoid supply, and it’s important that you just perceive how they work. So buckle up; right here we go.

Whenever you apply a THC patch to your pores and skin, you arrange a drug focus gradient. That simply implies that at one level (within the patch), there’s a variety of the cannabinoid, whereas at one other level (in your pores and skin), there’s not a variety of the cannabinoid.

When your pores and skin’s warmth prompts the patch, the cannabinoid begins to unfold out into your pores and skin (that is technically often known as “transferring down the gradient”). This idea could be very very like pouring boiling water right into a espresso mug and leaving it sitting in your counter.

The new water accommodates a variety of warmth (212℉ value), whereas the environment round it doesn’t. Due to this distinction (the gradient), the warmth naturally “spreads out” into the air round it.

Because the drug strikes additional into your pores and skin, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to your mind and all through your physique. The good factor about transdermal supply is that it bypasses your lungs, liver, and abdomen (locations the place the cannabinoid is filtered or damaged down). Meaning you get 100 % of the medicinal worth of the THC.

Are All THC Patches The Similar?

At first look, one THC patch might appear like each different patch. However allow us to guarantee you that there are important variations. The first distinction lies in how the patch is constructed. Right here’s a breakdown of every.

Matrix Patches

Matrix THC Patch


In a matrix patch, the THC is infused into the matrix of the patch itself (usually within the adhesive). When the adhesive is available in contact together with your pores and skin, the THC begins to maneuver from the realm of upper focus into the realm of decrease focus (as described within the part above).

The dose of THC you get is determined by the quantity of the cannabinoid held within the matrix and the dimensions of the patch (and the realm of pores and skin it covers).

Reservoir Patches

Reservoir THC Patch


Reservoir patches get their identify from the truth that the THC is—drum roll, please—contained in a reservoir inside the patch. The reservoir holds the THC in resolution (most frequently with a gel) and releases it by means of a rate-controlling membrane between the reservoir, the adhesive, and your pores and skin.

Folks have been utilizing reservoir patches efficiently for nearly 40 years. As well as, reservoir patches present tighter management of supply charges. For these causes, many really feel that reservoir patches are higher than matrix patches.

What Are The Advantages Of Transdermal Supply?

THC patches present a complete host of advantages over different strategies of hashish consumption. Listed below are only a few of essentially the most notable.

Complete-Physique Reduction

As a result of the THC is absorbed immediately into your bloodstream with a THC patch, transdermal supply can present whole-body aid as a substitute of simply focused (spot) aid.

Time-Launched Reduction

Transdermal supply releases THC slowly over plenty of hours (4 to 6 on common). That is in stark distinction to different strategies of consumption, which peak rapidly after which taper off.

Particular Cannabinoid Choices

Transdermal patches make it doable to ship particular cannabinoids with a view to goal particular issues. Whenever you smoke a joint, you’re getting a complete combine of various cannabinoids. With the THC patch, you’re solely getting THC. So, the medicinal results can be stronger.


THC patches are most likely essentially the most discreet consumption methodology available on the market right now. You merely apply the patch to a venous a part of your physique, like your arm or wrist. Relying on how lengthy the patch lasts, there’s no have to administer one other dose for fairly a while.

What Are The Particular Bodily Advantages Of The THC Patch?

Transdermal supply is a really helpful and efficient solution to get THC into your system. However what are the precise bodily advantages you may look ahead to? We’ve listed them beneath.

Ache Reduction

The chief bodily good thing about the THC patch is ache aid. When you’re affected by most cancers, a nasty again, neuropathy, or different continual ache, a THC patch could be the resolution you’ve been on the lookout for.

That’s to not say that the THC you get in your doobie or bong received’t numb the ache too. It’s simply that the ache aid comes with a bunch of different bodily “unwanted side effects” like euphoria, panic, and intense starvation.

That brings us to the opposite bodily advantages of the THC patch.


As talked about, the THC patch is just not as psychoactive as different strategies of consumption. You may really feel a touch psychotropic results, however, for essentially the most half, you’ll stay excessive functioning and productive.

Negligible Paranoia

One of many seven key levels of getting excessive (i.e., toking THC) is paranoia. That is the sensation you get while you’re satisfied that everybody — and we imply everybody — is out to get you.

We’re not saying this paranoia can’t be enjoyable, however for those who want ache aid however nonetheless need to go to work, that feeling that the world is watching generally is a main drag.

The sluggish absorption of the THC in a THC patch retains paranoia at bay so you will get on together with your day.

Dosing Accuracy

Edibles are a fast, straightforward, and discreet solution to ingest the THC you want, however the dosing will be hit and miss typically. One brownie might need you seeing sounds, whereas the very subsequent brownie may do nothing however add to your waistline.

A THC patch delivers an correct dose on a regular basis, each time. You actually can’t say that about many of the frequent methods to get THC into your system.

Straightforward De-administration

Have you ever ever tried to un-smoke a joint or un-drink a cup of weed tea?

When you’ve toked to the roach or drained your cup dry, you may’t cease the THC from interacting together with your physique and mind. Barring some fairly drastic measures, you’re on that experience to the tip, my pal.

However with a THC patch, for those who don’t like how you are feeling, you may simply de-administer your drugs by peeling off the patch. Certain, we most likely invented a phrase there (we’re engaged on a copyright: De-administer ©), however you get our drift.

Much less-Intense Munchies

One of many good unwanted side effects of THC is that it stimulates starvation. That is particularly helpful for people who find themselves coping with severe sickness and nausea that stop them from consuming (lack of energy can compound an already unhealthy scenario).

However for some, THC on the mind pushes starvation into uncharted territory. That is known as the munchies and may result in some attention-grabbing (and horrifying) meals.

Cheetos and Bitter Straws? Test. Spicy pickles and whipped cream? Uh-huh. A peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and caramel corn sandwich? Sure, please!

With a THC patch, there’s none of that. You may really feel a little bit hungry — such as you haven’t eaten in a number of hours — however you received’t be satisfied it’s been per week since your final meal.

So why precisely does the THC in a THC patch make you barely hungry however not ravenous? The reply has three elements.

The Science Behind The THC Patch And Starvation

whole pepperoni pizza which your may crave less with a THC patch / transdermal

The query we’re actually asking right here is, “Why does THC make you hungry within the first place?” Put merely, THC makes you hungry as a result of:

  • It heightens your sense of odor and makes meals style higher
  • It will increase your yearning for carbohydrates (sugar)
  • It produces ghrelin

So that you’ll have the ability to odor meals from farther off, and also you’ll be extra motivated to eat that meals as a result of you understand it’s going to style good.

You’ll additionally expertise a necessity for extra carbohydrates (sugar) in no matter type you will get them.

And, lastly, the cannabinoids in your THC patch mimic the endocannabinoids in your physique (sure, your physique makes its personal cannabinoids). These invader cannabinoids (exogenous cannabinoids if you wish to get actually fancy) work together with the hypothalamus and trigger it to provide ghrelin.

First, ghrelin is pronounced with a silent “h.” Second, it’s the stuff that indicators your physique that you just’re low on gasoline. An excessive amount of ghrelin and also you’ll really feel famished.

So even for those who simply ate, taking a giant ol’ dose of THC could make you are feeling such as you skipped about seven meals. However there’s a catch to all this science.

That vacant feeling is immediately associated to the quantity of THC you place into your system. With a doobie or a bong (and even an edible), you get a big dose . That shoves these bodily processes — odor, craving, and ghrelin — into overdrive. So your starvation goes from zero to 100 in a matter of minutes.

However with a THC patch, the quantity of THC you place into your system is small and regular. So, to increase the metaphor from above, as a substitute of your starvation going into overdrive, it’d solely hit 5 or 10 miles per hour.

Breaking It Down

We’ve touched on a variety of technical topics, significantly because it has to do with starvation. That will help you course of all that data, we’ve damaged every thing down into 4 primary steps:

  1. You get hungry (naturally) after your digestive system releases ghrelin. The ghrelin indicators your hypothalamus to launch endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids, in flip, activate the emotions of starvation in your physique. We’d illustrate it like this: Ghrelin → Hypothalamus → Endocannabinoids → Hungry
  2. Hashish accommodates cannabinoids (of the phyto- selection) which can be related in construction to the endocannabinoids in your physique.
  3. Whenever you devour hashish in any type, you introduce A LOT of cannabinoids into your mind (Woohoo!).
  4. These cannabinoids mimic the endocannabinoids which can be already there and activate each neuron they’ll discover. That makes you tremendous hungry. Welcome to the munchies!

However, once more, it’s important that we reiterate the purpose that THC patches launch cannabinoids sluggish and regular, not . That diminished absorption retains the munchie monster at bay and permits you to operate usually.

What Strains Work Greatest For THC Patches?

Marijuana plant

When producing a THC patch, it’s not a lot the precise pressure that issues, however somewhat, the purity of that pressure. Patch producers isolate THC by subjecting the plant matter to some type of extraction (e.g., CO2, alcohol, butane, ice water). The extraction course of removes the cannabinoids (on this case, THC), terpenes, and trichomes from the plant matter.

The purer the pressure, the extra THC, terpenes, and trichomes can be accessible to be used within the patch. Natural marijuana is a number of the purest product available on the market and supplies the perfect uncooked materials for transdermal patches. Make sure that the patches you utilize are made with 100-percent natural hashish.

Is There A Distinction Between THC Patches And Topicals?

Many individuals surprise if there’s a distinction between a THC patch and a THC cream (a.ok.a. a topical). There’s.

Due to the best way topicals are made, they solely have an effect on the primary three layers of pores and skin and are actually solely good for spot remedy. It’s because these high layers of pores and skin don’t have a variety of veins, so the THC isn’t absorbed into your bloodstream.

With THC patches, the cannabinoid does attain your bloodstream and may flow into all through your total physique. As talked about, this supplies a whole-body impact somewhat than a spot impact.

Are THC Patches Proper For You?

The one means you’re going to know if THC patches are best for you is to offer them a attempt. There’s actually no draw back as a result of the patches received’t get you excessive they usually don’t have any discernible unwanted side effects.

And for those who don’t like your expertise with THC patches, you may at all times change to one of many many different types of hashish available on the market right now. That’s the fantastic thing about hashish: there’s no proper or unsuitable means to make use of it.

For extra data on all issues marijuana and to take a look at our 100-percent all-natural hashish merchandise, go to right now.

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